On the day of your procedure please arrive promptly at the time you have been instructed. This will allow the hospital and Nursing staff to admit you and prepare you for your procedure.

There may be waiting time before your procedure so please be patient.

Please fast from the time instructed

Please take normal medication with minimal water. All aspirin and other blood thinning medication should be ceased 7 days prior to your procedure.

Please bring all xrays and other scans appropriate to your surgery


Standard discharge medication for patients

You typically will be discharged from hospital with these or similar medications

  • Keflex 500mg four times a day (antibiotic)
  • Panadeine forte 1-2 tablets every 6 hours as required (for relief of strong pain)
  • Endone 5mg 1-2 tablets every 3-6 hours as required (for relief of breakthrough strong pain)
  • Targin or oxycontin (Slow release for strong pain relief)
  • Tramadol 50-100mg every 8 hours (for relief of breakthrough strong pain)
  • Lyrica (for nerve pain)
  • Clexane 40mg daily – routinely used for non weight bearing patients on discharge (used  to treat and prevent blood clots, and to treat certain types of heart disease)
  • Naprosyn SR 1gm daily (anti inflammatory)
  • Nexium daily – (to reduce the risk of ulcers, reflux and to reduce stomach acid secretion)
  • Vitamin C 1gm daily may help mitigate neurogenic pain
  • Take routine medications unless otherwise directed

Associated side effects from these analgesics can include nausea, vomiting,  drowsiness and constipation


Wound care

Leave all dressings intact until review in the rooms.

Rest in bed with limb elevated to the level of your nose for 23 3/4 hours a day until review. This will assist in wound healing, pain relief and minimising swelling.

You will have a post operative appointment in the rooms 7-10 days post surgery to assess the wounds. Further rehabilitation and physiotherapy instructions will be given then.


Recovery time

2-4 months to be good

12-18 months for complete recovery

Swelling, sensitivity and numbness is normal for the first 2-6 months and can take up to two years to fully settle